What to Expect From Rockskins

Rockskins Instrument Wraps and More...

Let's face it drums are expensive, they are an investment into your passion. Your drum set should only get the best. Utmost importance and care should be taken when selecting the right custom drum wraps. From maintenance to simply installing designs and wraps, your drums should receive the quality service it deserves. This is what Rockskins offers to our customers.

Rockskins is a company that offers a full-service graphics/print that caters to the specific designs every drummer needs. Our online shopping process is easy and straightforward. Here is how you can order the design that will enable you to express your style through more than just music but through the appearance of your drums.

Decide on the design

When it comes to deciding on what design you would like, you can either choose from one of our 40 different design categories – such as camouflage, metal, bark, and more – or we can build you a completely customized design. What is great about Rockskins wraps is that we digitally print them with anti-fade technology using UV-resistant inks to protect your wrap from fading.

Determine the Dimension of your drums

Once you have found the drum wrap you are looking for, you will now proceed with choosing the dimensions and sizes of your hanging tom, floor tom, bass drum, and snare. Nobody wants excessive work when applying their wraps. All of the drum wraps are pre-cut to fit your drums perfectly, making the at-home installation process extremely simple so choosing the dimensions and sizes that will fit your set is important. After finding the right measurements, just add it to your cart and proceed with payment and processing.

Processing Your Drum Wrap Order

When you've picked the design and found the right measurements for your set, a total price will be calculated based on the number and size of pieces you require. After you proceed with checking out, you just need to fill out the necessary information and the overall total will be shown, and then you’re good to go. All you have to do now is to wait for it, install it, and rock out on your newly transformed and stylish drum set!

Our priority is the needs and satisfaction of our customer so when it comes to compatibility, Rockskins products work well with the following manufacturers:
  • Pearl Drums
  • Tama Drums
  • Premier 
  • Sonor
  • Gretsch Drums
  • Yamaha
  • DW Drum Workshop
  • Ludwig Drums
  • Canopus
  • Slingerland
  • Noble & Cooley
  • British Drum Company
  • Pacific Drums
  • Mapex
  • Monolith
Rockskins understands just how important drums are. It’s an outlet for your passion and a tool to showcase your musical talents so we make sure that you get the quality service and products your drums deserves.

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